Ancient Moon Gardening

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Ancient Moon Gardening, also known as Lunar Gardening, is a traditional technique which increases our harmony with Mother Natures cycles and rhythms, maximises crop growth and production, and increases both the beauty and our appreciation of gardens and care of the land.  

The Moons position coincides with the different stages of plant growth. Ancient cultures have been using the Moon to regulate activities since we began to write! It combines Moon Phase with Fertile and Barren Moon Signs and is easy to use; and it works!

So you can use Moon timing to care for your gardens, farms, and also care for all species feathered, finned and furred!

Gardening is easier, understanding and respect of nature increases, flowers are beautiful, crops are productive, and diseases and parasites in both animals and crops are easily controlled!

Those interested in strengthening their connection with the nature and the land, and in sustainability, will be keen to learn how to use the Moons lunar cycles. My aim is to show you how to understand the rhythm of nature and increase awareness of our deep connection to the very earth that nurtures and supports us all.

You have two choices

The Ancient Moon Gardening Mini Planting Guide

is available in a FREE newsletter. This will give you the best planting days, and includes Sun Sign Astrology Forecasts, and other inspiring bits and pieces. Email me through the contact form below, and I will send it to you. 

The Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar

is an easy to read one page per month calendar. To see it is to understand it! So pop over the sample Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar page. It will show you-

  • the days to plant and sow seeds – so they easily settle in, and grow sturdy root and branch systems
  • the days to harvest for taste – for juiciest quality and that special succulent taste
  • the days to harvest for remedial effectiveness in herbs or oils.
  • the days to harvest for storage – to markedly reduce loss from mould and rot, and to increase shelf-life. 
  • the days to prune to increase growth – shrubs, roses, fruit trees and everything
  • the days to prune to limit growth – great for time-saving for lawn mowing, hedges, bonsai etc.
  • the days to weed with digging – so the weed bulbs and seed re-growth is limited
  • the days to weed by poisoning – so if you have to use sprays then a very little dose works!
  • the days to fertilize – so that fertilizer is incorporated and growth is maximised
  • the days to treat animals for worms, parasites and fleas
  • the days to butcher and castrate stock.
  • the days to treat diseases in plants
  • and the days for Rest!

All dates and time are Australia AEST or AEST for Summer
Moon position is from the Swiss Ephemeris in Solar Fire Esoteric Technologies

It is only $ 30 emailed
or $48 posted for the whole year!
And the Special Introductory Deal for a 12 months membership is a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the first season!

Fee is via cheque or direct deposit to a bank account. I could put a big PAY NOW button and you would join a computer run program, but that’s not my style.
I am home-grown and low-tech and prefer either email or phone contact with you to ensure you are getting what you want, and what you expect.

So come and join with all the members living in harmony with the land. Have Mother Nature on your side. This system has been used for thousands of years, and it works!

These days both the earth and us, need an “edge” to keep the land healthy, to maintain crop production and have beautiful plants in the garden; and to do it easily!

To share this information I can speak to groups  or run workshops. Call me to find out more. And finally, please let me know if you have any questions. I love my work, and I want to make your experience the best it can be.