Snails – taking it personally!

Helix aspersa

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I am one that loves a dead common garden snail!

 I take their assault on my garden very personally. In fact a few weeks ago one intrepid slimy character climbed up the stalk of my nerines and chewed through it, leaving the flower head to fall on the ground! 

My ire was roused and I used “stomp’em” liberally.

But its been very wet around here and even in a short walk in the garden at night  I have stepped on snails. And these guys are HUGE!

Then I found myself actually apologising to them!

This is a strange situation. On one hand when I see their damage I am happy to kill. But on the other hand, when I accidentally kill them I am remorseful.

Ah…..even I surprise myself.



Next time – the garden guerilla