Garden Guerilla

Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’ (showing root stock...

Image by I am I.A.M. via Flickr

I wish I had the gumption to become a garden guerilla and sneak around gardens in the moon light armed with a pruning saw!

In my walks there is a beautiful standard weeping cherry in pride of place in someones front lawn. Its so big one could nearly stand underneath it. But the owners have let, or not realised, that two big branches have grown from near the ground and are coming from the root-stock. They are now so big they are taking over from the grafted top branches. They are too big for a pruning saw and they need to be chain-sawed off!

Of course they don’t flower. Root stock is designed to be just that; good sturdy root-stock. And the grafted top is designed to have beautiful coloured blossoms. The image illustrates the difference between root-stock and grafted flowers. And the root-stock will not “weep”! 

I always recommend that you prune at the perfect pruning time using the Moon gardening almanac.  And this poor weeping cherry is a no exception. I guarantee if someone were to come along and do it a bad time; the wound would not heal leading to the trees death, or the root-stock suckers would go berserk!

So I long to sneak in armed with a sturdy small bar chain-saw, and prune off these branches at the perfect Moon time for pruning to reduce growth.

So if you hear a chain saw in the dead of the night next Sunday, Monday or Tuesday AEST then you know what is happening!