Ancient Moon Gardening Mini Almanac for planting

A waning moon.

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To make your life easier here is you Mini Almanac which can be used for planting, sowing, and moving plants.




Moon Position and Phase

Ancient Moon Gardening

Mini Almanac

Planting days

1st July New Moon in Cancer

at 7pm with Solar Eclipse 


I declare this an official gardeners rest day. J

Concentrate on taking care of yourself. 


Sorry there are no perfect days this quarter Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter This quarter has unfortunately only barren days!

So no planting or pruning.


8th, 9th 10th, and 11th July Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter Plenty of days perfect for all planting, Especially fruity type vegetables.


15th July Full Moon in Capricorn at 4.40pm


Another gardener’s rest day. So put your feel up and admire tonight’s Moon. J


19th 20th July Waning Fertile Moon 3rd Quarter This is the perfect time to plant root crops.




Now you know when to plant – you will want to know when to –

prune to enhance growth,

prune to reduce growth,



and harvest crops. 


The Ancient Moon Gardening Super Almanac makes a PERFECT GIFT.  And it includes monthly garden tips.

Over 35 pages each season, sent to you four times a year. This is only  48.95 emailed and  58.95 posted for the entire year.


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