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Grow well!! Ancient Moon Gardening Mini Almanac for March 2012


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3rd 4th March Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter

Perfect for all planting and sowing. In the veggie garden it is best for fruity type vegetables.


8th March Full MoonIn Virgo at 8.39pm Official gardeners rest day!

Perfect day to make detailed plans and do nothing in the garden; but if you have to work at least develop an attitude of rest. 

If you plant or prune you will get higgly piggly twisted growth.


10th 11th 12th 13th March Waning Fertile Moon 3rd Quarter

This is the perfect time to plant or sow root crops.



23rd March New Moon In Aries at 1.37am Another official gardener’s rest day!

Another growth cycle is about to begin so take this chance for time out. Have an adventure instead of working.

If you did plant or prune then you would get long spindly weak growth that will break and die easily.


25th 26th 27th 30th 31st March Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter

Perfect for all planting and sowing. In the veggie garden it is best for leafy type vegetables.



Handy Hints

Autumn is best for planting shrubs, trees, and repotting. The ground is still warm and the Autumn rains ensure they are kept moist.

Only those in the warmer top end of this beautiful country can still sow seeds or grow veggies (like tomatoes) that like it warm.



Times are correct for Vic NSA and Tas S.A. subtract ½ hour.

QLD subtract 1 hour W.A subtract 3 hours

N.T subtract 1.5 hours In N. Z add 2 hours


Now you know when to plant – you will want to know when to


• prune to enhance growth,

• prune to reduce growth,

• fertilize,

• weed,

• feed

• harvest crops

• and make gardening easier!


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