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Grow Well!! Ancient Moon Gardening for May 2012




May 2012

Moon Position and Phase Ancient Moon Gardening


Planting days

6th May Full Moon

in Scorpio

Official gardeners rest day, so do nothing. J


9th May in the afternoon,

10th and

11th in the morning

Waning Fertile Moon

3rd Quarter

This is the perfect time to plant root crops.



21st May New Moon in Gemini with Solar Eclipse


Rest and do nothing physical, but you can talk and plan for the coming growth time! J


23rd in the evening,

All day on the 24th and 25th May

Waxing Fertile

1st Quarter

Perfect for all sowing and planting. And for vegetables whose leaves we eat. 


31st May Waxing Fertile

2nd Quarter

Perfect for all sowing and planting. And for vegetables that bear fruits or seeds for eating.



Times are correct for Vic NSA QLD and Tas S.A. subtract ½ hour.

W.A subtract 2 hours  N.T subtract ½ hr in winter In N. Z add 2 hours


Now you know when to plant – you will want to know when to


  • prune to enhance growth,
  • prune to reduce growth,
  • fertilize,
  • weed,
  • harvest crops
  • and make gardening easier! 


Order the Ancient Moon Gardening Super Almanac – a fantastic tool for all gardeners, over 40 pages each season, emailed or posted.


Call or email now for a special price of a yearly subscription with the first season at no cost at all!


Now is the time!


Throughout the ages, practitioners of moon-phase farming, such as the Mayans, found out through trial and error the best times to sow and plant, to prune, to weed and to harvest for storage. They also treated stock for diseases, and mated, castrated and killed farm animals for meat at certain times of the month. I am constantly reading and researching more and more of the old techniques.


Using the time-honored practice of Moon gardening makes the best use of our time, and is for the best use of a wonderful resource that must last for thousands more generations after us. This resource is the land we live on!

 The Almanac now includes the perfect times to treat, catch, and care for all species, furred, feathers and finned.


Victor Gabriel Gilbert: Gardening

Victor Gabriel Gilbert: Gardening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)