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Your Moon Gardening planting dates for Janaary 2017

Hello and Welcome to January,

p1010097It is with delight that I have your Moon gardening planting dates along with lots more inspiration.

Follow the link for the complete Earth Moon and Stars newsletter or scroll down for the moon planting days.

May your 2017 be full of abundant smiles!




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Ancient Moon Gardening

Gazing out the window I can see the veggie patch and this month I have enjoyed feasting on broad beans. I love releasing them from the their feathery soft beds….such a joy to touch. Once lightly steamed, I toss them with olive oil and dare I say it…. salt. I probably eat far too much salt!

Since we last spoke the tomatoes fairly exploded out the ground and nearly 3 times a week I needed to add another stake! What amused me was that precisely when the cold winds stopped at the start of December, hidden seedlings from the old compost heap also exploded out of the ground… they knew precisely the best time to come out and play. It also shows me I am not generating enough heat in the compost bins! Hmmm maybe I did not alternate green layers with brown layers regularly enough. PS. Brown layers can also be paper waste and documents you do not want out in the rubbish bins.

The apple is growing in leaps and bounds but the plum has not set a single flower.

The Three Sisters (corn beans and pumpkins), are growing well and next year I will plant the sweet corn a couple of weeks ahead of the beans. For a while there I was scared to enter the patch and stand still for too long in fear that the beans would twine around me and tie me down!

The new strawberries that I moved and were not supposed to fruit… are about to. Ahh.. I love the constant surprises that a garden brings.





Moon Position and Phase Ancient Moon Gardening

Planting and Sowing Days

3rd 4th Jan Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all sowing and planting.

Especially for vegetables whose leaves we eat.


7th   8th Jan Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter Perfect for all sowing and planting.

Especially for vegetables that bear fruits or seeds for eating.


12th Jan Full Moon

in Cancer

Official gardeners rest day, so do nothing or at least be restful.

Harvest and share empathy.

18th 19th Jan Waning Fertile Moon

3rd Quarter

Plant root crops
28th Jan New Moon

in Aquarius


This is a day of rest or restfulness! Cultivate and grow respect for those with independent attitudes.
30th 31st Jan Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all sowing and planting.

Especially for vegetables whose leaves we eat.


The Super Almanac has timing for every possible garden task, pruning to enhance growth, pruning to minimize growth, weeding, feeding, and harvesting.

Pop over to my website to see a copy for yourself.

Enjoy your garden!