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Be inspired with Moon Gardening planting days this February 2017

Welcome to February,

Peeping through the bean arch Moon GardeningLooking out the window this season I see that I have reached peak production of the beans, basil, cucumbers, strawberries and the pumpkins, along with the sweet corn, are beginning to swell nicely. Every one  is having tomato troubles as they suffered through the early summer cold spell and are just started to get going.
I wish you all the very best of abundance and joy in the garden, and in life.
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Moon Position and Phase Ancient Moon Gardening

Planting and sowing days

3rd Feb (afternoon) Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all sowing and planting.

Especially for vegetables whose leaves we eat.


4th 5th 8th 9th Feb Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter Perfect for all sowing and planting.

Especially for vegetables that bear fruits or seeds for eating.


11th Feb Full Moon

in Leo

Official gardeners rest day so do nothing.

Harvest and share creativity.


14th 15th 16th 17th 18th Feb Waning Fertile Moon

3rd Quarter

Plant root crops
27th Feb New Moon

in Pisces


Rest and do nothing. Cultivate and grow an active imagination.
Did you know that there is a perfect time to prune for growth and a different time to prune to minimize growth? The Super Almanac has timing for every possible garden task.

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Kerry Galea

Enjoy your garden!



Growth from decaying roots