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New Moon November 18th

Hello and welcome to a marvellous New Moon,

Today is a New Moon which begins a whole new cycle of movement of the Moon around us.
Today the Moon appears a little to the left of the Sun, and since the Sun is a bright hot ball of nuclear explosions… the Moon stays invisible to our eyes.
Over the coming 27 (and a bit) days,  the Moon travels all around us until it again comes home to the Sun.
This cycle has been used for thousands of years to govern times of rest, effort, growth and harvest.
New Moons are always a time to rest and prepare for the coming cycle. Ask yourself ….”what do I have planned for the garden and for life?
Over the last few weeks I have pruned at the right time for the big hedge to stay pruned for as long as possible, I have harvested (gooseberries) at a time perfect to extend shelf life, and I have planted at the perfect times to grow healthy and abundant tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, sweet corn, basil and parsley. I think if forgot a few but I am sure they don’t mind!
May  your coming month be as productive and abundant.


A gift from my garden

Your Moon Planting Days for November 2017

Hello and Welcome to November,

Its the last month of Spring and wow…. everything is growing frantically.

For your Moon Gardening planting days, astrology forecasts, inspirational ideas, and more goodies, click  on the link

11 November Earth Moon and Stars Newsletter with Kerry Galea print issue


For a quick look at the planting days scroll down…..




Moon Position and Phase Ancient Moon Gardening

Planting and sowing days

4th Nov Full Moon

in Taurus

Official gardeners rest day so do nothing, or at least rest your heart and mind.
8th 9th Nov Waning Fertile Moon

3rd Quarter

Plant root crops
18th Nov New Moon

in Scorpio

Rest Day….and do nothing, or the least possible!
22nd 23rd Nov Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all sowing and planting.

Especially for vegetables whose leaves we eat.

27th 28th Nov Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter Perfect for all sowing and planting.

Especially for vegetables that bear fruits or seeds for eating.

Did you know that there is a perfect time to prune for growth and a different time to prune to minimize growth?

The Super Almanac has timing for every possible garden task!



Moon Phases