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A New Year of Moon Gardening begins with this months planting/sowing days

Hello and welcome,

I am delighted that you are here with me on the journey into a New Year.
I hope it’s an awesome one for you with many smiles, and abundance in the garden, in joy, in love and in fact… in all areas of life.
For the complete and hopefully inspiring (I do endeavour to add some sparkle, some ideas, some inner questions and some illumination),
please click on the following link for the complete Earth Moon and Stars Newsletter.
As well as the Moon Gardening planting days, it has your Sun Sign Astrology Forecast for this month, what stars you will see at night (and in the early hours of the morning should you be up), and more bite sized thoughts on life and the nature of Time.

1 January 2018 Earth Moon and Stars Newsletter with Kerry Galea print issue

For a quick peek at only some of what is on offer….

2nd Jan Full Moon in Cancer Official gardeners rest day so do nothing. 
Share a nurturing attitude.

8th Jan Waning Fertile Moon 3rd Quarter
Plant root crops

17th Jan New Moon in Capricorn
Rest and do nothing. Grow in contributing to the community

20th 21st 22nd Jan Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter
Perfect for all sowing and planting.
Especially for vegetables whose leaves we eat.

25th 26th 29th 30th Jan Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter
Perfect for all sowing and planting.
Especially for vegetables that bear fruits or seeds for eating.

Did you know that there is a perfect time to treat animals and pets for insects and parasites?
The Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar has timing for every possible garden task!
Have a look at the sample page on this website and enjoy how easy gardening can become!

All the best for a great Year ahead!


If Nature can dance, the so can we!