Sample Issue

Here it is. The whole month on one page in an easy to read calendar format!

I could tell you about it ……but having a look is the easiest way and I like Easy!

So have a peek and see if the Easy Moon Gardening Planning Calendar is perfect for you. 

The Easy Moon Gardening Planning Calendar is $30 emailed
or $48 printed and posted (in Australia and yes it does cost that much to print and post).

Click on the link to the Sample Issue in the line below and just imagine what this can do for your gardening.

The link is here…. 

Spring 2017 September October November Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar with Kerry Galea

Just fill in the form and I will contact you. I like to do things the old-fashioned way
so I don’t have big PAY NOW buttons. I like to email and make sure you are getting what you want.  

Thank you and may you Grow Green and Grow Abundantly in the garden, as well as in life.






Lost Garden of Heligan UK


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